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Thumpasaurus is a band that we only learned about in late 2022 or early 2023 through a friend of ours.  He is always looking for funny and obscure songs/bands to share.  When he shared the bands video for Struttin’ we just couldn’t stop listening to that song.  Fast forward to February of 2024, we saw that Thumpasaurus was on your and one of their stops was going to be in Oklahoma City at Beer City Music Hall.  We immediately knew we had to be at this show to see if this band was as fun as we thought they were going to be.

The Oklahoma City band Audio Book Club was the opening band for this insane ride we were about to be taken on.  We quickly saw that they are a perfect fit for this show. Audio Book Club treated the crowd to a couple of their new songs. These songs have not yet been played live, and I can tell you that they were pretty kick ass songs.

At the beginning of their set, a person in the crowd yelled something about horses (I could not make out exactly what he said), and he was quickly answered with “Oh there will be alot of f**king horses”. And he was not wrong. Their video that plays in the background during their set is nothing but videos of horses. Horses frolicking in the fields, horses running, horses eating, horses being ridden for a leisurely stroll, etc. You get the point…there were alot of f**king horses. I split my time between watching the band perform, and watching the horses, because they had several different “hair styles” for each horse, which I found very funny.

Now for the main event, and even though we sort of knew what to expect, we had no idea this band was going to far surpass what we had in mind. We knew when we saw a guy in the crowd wearing a dinosaur onesie that he was either one of their biggest fans, or just wanted an excuse to be comfortable…btw, he was definitely a fan.

The intro video on the screen at the back of the stage started with Nicole Kidman welcoming you to the show had the whole crowd laughing. This was followed by a story of an excavation excursion with Star-Wars-esque fonts scrolling up the screen over a photo of Zendaya’s Padme Amidala character.

The stage was then dotted with 6 flashlights, each being held by members of the band. They slowly took their places on the stage while wearing their jumpsuits and hard hats. They continue to “search” their surroundings, which at the time just looks like they are having fun shining their flashlights at each other. Out of the gate you can tell this is going to be fun.

When it came time for band members solos, it was awesome to see another band mate using their flashlight to highlight their bandmate rather than using an actual spotlight. At one point in the show frontman, Lucas Tamaren located a guy in the crowd named Jake. He told Jake to shush and he would give him something special. Apparently, this was a difficult task for Jake to accomplish, so they resorted to typing “Jake shut up” to display on their video screen. Once Jake was finally quiet, the band played “You are so Pretty” for him.

I have seen several different phrases being used to describe Thumpasaurus. Funkadelic absurdity was one that stuck in my head. I have also seen that the band is “a combination of funk and electronic fusion with a tough of the absurd”. However, you choose to describe this band and their concert, it can all be translated into one hell of an awesome night that you won’t want to miss. If they don’t make you smile and move your body just a little bit, you may want to have your pulse checked. Head to the bands website at to see some tour dates, get some merch, and watch some of their videos. Hit up their socials as well to be able to keep up with all things Thumpasaurus.

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