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Silverstein Brought their “Misery Made Me” Tour to the historic Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. They had an awesome line-up of supporting bands including Dayseeker, See You Space Cowboy, and One Step Closer. These band played to a near sold-out crowd.

First up was One Step Closer. I will tell you that as soon as this band took the stage, there was no “warm-up” time. They immediately cranked the energy level in that building to an 11 and didn’t stop. When vocalist, Ryan Savitski told the fans he wanted to see a circle pit, that is exactly what he got. They wasted no time in making sure the fans were primed and ready for the rest of the evenings adventure.

See You Space Cowboy was the next band to take the stage. This band kept rolling with the theme of the night so far, which was “in your face and high energy” performances. Holy cow, the stage at The Diamond Ballroom is a pretty roomy stage, and this band made use of every single inch of it. The circle pit evolved during this set, and the crowd surfers started taking their turn. See You Space Cowboy definitely put on one hell of an impressive set.

The next band taking the stage was Dayseeker. I have heard them alot on Sirius XM’s Octane channel, so I was excited to see them. While the first two bands were high-energy throughout their whole sets, Dayseeker took some time to slow it down a little bit. They all came on stage with the purple, mood lighting, while all dressed in suits. Vocalist, Rory Rodriguez took a minute to talk about the band and his father, who passed away from cancer in 2021. He told the crowd that the band has been hard at it for roughly 10 years, and after about 7ish years of not making large strides, they were contemplating what their next steps were as they were getting worn out. It was cool to actually hear a band talk about the frustrations going on behind the scenes. I for one, am glad they did not hang it up, because I am a big fan of this band. Rory also told the crowd how excited they were to be on this tour with a band that they have literally been listening to for the past two decades. The crowd was belting out the lyrics to their songs right along with the band, and that was a great thing to see.

The time of the evening has come for Silverstein to get on that stage and deliver everything this crowd had been waiting all night to see. The band immediately got the crowds attention by starting their set out with “Ultraviolet”. With bands that have been doing all this for over 20 years, I always wonder what goes into creating their set list for every show. Silverstein is another band who seems to have a perfect balance of the hits from over the years, all while adding some new stuff. Vocalist, Shane Told even asked the crowd if it was ok if they played some old shit. And of course, the crowd was excited for this. Hell, they even added a cover of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer”.

If you have not had a chance to get out and see this tour, never fear…they are going to be going for a while. Head over to the band’s website at to see all the tour dates and see what show you can make it to. And if you don’t want to wait in line at the show for merch, why not go ahead and click on their “Merch” link so you can go ahead and buy what you want and just wear it to the show!!

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