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The American heavy metal titans Baroness recently electrified the historic Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City as part of their US Summer 2024 tour. Accompanying them were the potent forces of Portrayal of Guilt and Filth is Eternal, making for a night brimming with intense and diverse musical performances.

The evening kicked off with a thunderous performance from Seattle’s own Filth is Eternal. The stage, initially bathed in dark red lighting, hinted at a brooding and somber set. However, as soon as the first note struck, a burst of bright lights illuminated the room, matching the explosive energy of vocalist Lis Di Angelo as she stormed the stage. The Diamond Ballroom barely contained the frenetic energy of Filth is Eternal. Their rambunctious performance was everything one could hope for in an opening act, igniting the atmosphere and setting the tone for the night. Di Angelo’s powerful presence and the band’s relentless drive turned curious onlookers into newfound fans, including myself.

Next up was Austin’s Portrayal of Guilt, who brought a stark contrast with their unique brand of black metal. Their intense and abstract song structures delivered an aggressive onslaught, catching many fans off guard—but in the best way possible. Overheard in the crowd was a fan expressing pleasant surprise at the unexpected intensity of their performance. Vocalist and guitarist Matt King commanded the stage with a relentless demeanor, his guttural vocals leaving a visceral impact. The band’s instrumentation provided a continuous barrage of sound, creating a dark and immersive experience. The substantial applause at the end of their set was a testament to their powerful resonance with the audience.

As the anticipation in the room reached its peak, it was time for Baroness to deliver the performance that everyone had been eagerly awaiting. The crowd erupted as guitarist Gina Gleason took the stage, with her fans chanting her name in eager excitement. The band launched into their opening song “The Last Word,” immediately captivating the audience.

Formed in 2003, Baroness has released six studio albums, with their latest, “Stone,” debuting in September 2023. Their rich catalog allowed for a carefully curated setlist, featuring crowd favorites from each album. For an hour and a half, the Diamond Ballroom was enveloped in Baroness’s signature blend of progressive and sludge metal. Fans passionately sang along with vocalist John Dyer Baizley, their voices merging with the band’s powerful riffs and dynamic melodies.

Baroness’s performance was a triumphant finale to an already incredible night of music. The synergy between the band and their fans was palpable, each song reinforcing the deep connection shared among them. This night at the Diamond Ballroom was not just a concert but a powerful testament to the enduring and evolving spirit of heavy metal.

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