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With only a handful of dates left, Sebastian Bach stopped in Oklahoma City on his “What do I got to lose? Tour 2024”.  The band Classless Act was the opening band for our tour stop.

Straight out of Los Angeles, the band Classless Act took to the stage to set the mood for the night.  It was obvious that this band just loves performing and being in front of a crowd.  Their infectious energy, and crowd interactions kept the fans going, and drew the crowd in.  

Classless Act’s cover of the Britney Spears song Toxic took the whole crowd by surprise.  Their rendition of this song was awesome.  Vocalist Derek Day brought a chuckle to the fans when he asked what day of the week it even was.  When told it was a Tuesday, he informed the crowd he wasn’t a rocket scientist, he just plays in a band.  After their set was over, the band went to their merch counter and met people who became instant fans. Derek was all smiles and so energetic as he made time to talk to every fan and take pictures. “Class Act”.

After a quick set change, it was time for the one and only Sebastian Bach to take to the stage.   As his band walked out to the stage the crowd started cheering, and when Sebastian got in the stage, fans erupted.  They started the night out with his newer song “What Do I Got to Lose”. Of course, he played the crowd favorites, as well as adding in a few of his new songs. The new songs are great, and it was awesome to hear them performed live.

Sebastian was in great spirits, I saw him waving at people in the audience, as well as borrowing a young fans hat for a quick wardrobe change! Sebastian knows what brought the huge crowd to the Diamond Ballroom and reflecting back to when MTV played music and whipped 18 and Life out of his back pocket and layed it out on stage as the fans sang along.

Throughout the night, Sebastian introduced the members of the band, and I was amazed that the drummer is actually his son Paris and like any father Baz had his tongue in cheek “Dad” jokes like, don’t keep him too long after the show cause he still needs to get in his ass out and mow the lawn! He has even graciously handed the torch of the best hair in rock over to his bassist Clay Eubank.

I have seen Sebastian perform multiple times in multiple variations and in my opinion, this was one of the best, energetic, and uplifting times I’ve seen him, opposed to the first concert I was ever allowed to see where he was 19 years old opening for Bon Jovi and Kiss, now that was energy! And in my opinion Baz commands the stage and puts forth 100% just as he did in the days of having to prove himself as a relevant musician.

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