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Emerging from the depths of Montreal’s punk rock pit, our protagonists have join forces to assemble, as the mighty Megazord. Their mission, to put together their best sound and bring to the people what they have long asked for: Fast and Loud. Behold, MAVERICK! 

 Introduce us to the band! What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Hi! We’re Maverick! Nonconformists and eccentric, we’re composed of Eddie (guitar, vocals, awesomeness), Fil (bass, backing vocals, geniusness) and Elliott (drums, backing vocals, amazingness). 

  • Where do you call home?

Home is where the heart is, and our heart is in music. Or is it the other way around… Whenever we’re actively in it, we’re home. Whether it’s composing, jamming, recording or playing live gigs, we’re home. 

*We’re based in Montreal, Canada 😉

  •  How long have you been together as a band and how did you find each other?

Early this year (2023), I met Fil and Elliott at the jam space we rent. We hit it off right away, sharing our music and projects, and decided to join forces in the name of Rock n’ Roll. Maverick however officially started in 2017, when bringing friends in the project. But as life takes us in different directions sometimes, I had to continue the journey on my own, until I met these fine fellas. And Maverick was up and running again, ready for action!

  •  Do you have a special songwriting recipe you follow?

    Not really… although, we do generally repeat the same structure. Which would be intro/verse/chorus/repeat. I guess it’s imbued in our brains haha. So yeah, without doing it on purpose, that’s our main recipe we could say. 
  •  How would members of your family describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard it?

    Hahaha we’re just playing punk rock. This genre is very wide, and we like to explore. Our families don’t know much about it, so they would just say it’s fast and energetic punk. And brilliant. 
    The best compliment we had as a way to describe it was ‘‘Shotgun to the face’’.
  •  What do you have on your (Spotify) playlists you would be embarrassed for others to see?

    Hahaha, nothing. I mean, we do listen to a lot of different artists, but nothing embarrassing. We own it. Some of the most surprising name would be Mac Miller, Post Malone, A Tribe Called Quest. It’s not like we listen to them often, but we still bang our heads when their tunes come on.

  •  Do you have any pre-show rituals?

    As we get a bit nervous, we tend to be in our heads in order to keep calm before battle. So no ritual really came up, yet. It’s just the usual, stretch and pep talk, if we have time. 
  •  Who have you met that has left you starstruck?

    As I was getting in the studio to record our latest single The Tower, Vincent Peake from Groovy Aardvark (a band I grew up listening to and admired for being the greatest performing band I have ever seen) came out with his gear, heading to a show they were doing that day. Although it’s a local band, I was still ‘’starstruck’’. We simply exchanged a few words, like ‘’Enjoy your recording session’’ and ‘’Have a great show’’, as we held the door open for him. I even laughed and joked about it afterwards with the guys because of the effect it had on me haha. I took it as a good omen 😊
  •  What do you consider your greatest achievement as far as a band?

    Opening for Ripcordz. These guys have been around and holding the Punk Fort since the 80’s. Although they are very approachable and very active in the scene, it was still a privileged moment for us.  
  •  What key elements do you believe makes up a successful song?

    That is a good question… We don’t really know. We think, as long as you let the inspiration flow and creativity do its work, and if the final draft makes you smile and your head bang, chances are you’ve got something going. 
  •  When writing, how do you know when it is finally done?

    You never really know… We always feel there’s another level to a song, something we can add or change to make it better. But at some point, we just have to make decisions in order to call it. Plus, something we like to do is stay open to any new inspiration. So that way, we can have songs that may slightly differ from the recordings. 
  •  What song of yours are you most proud of?

    You know, we all have equal feelings towards them. Maybe Coffin is one that could stand out in a way. The short rock n’ roll lick in the intro, the content (lyrics) and the variations make it a lot of fun. I mean, it is very simple, nothing too fancy. Short and sweet punk rock tune, but still well done, in our opinion.

  •  Is it possible to be on the road and not eat junk food? How do you keep it leveled out?

    Sure it is. It however demands organization: cooler, camping stove, dishes, ice, places to wash your food and whatnot. Often, we just don’t have the energy to take care of such things. So we just end up eating sandwiches and whatever is cheaper and more convenient. 
    We try to stay active, as long hours in the van can be hard on the body and mind. Stretches and walks are easy and always in reach to help. 
  •  Are you able to write while on the road or do you need a calm familiar space like home?

    Inspiration can come at any moment. We always keep a pen and paper close to hand for that. However, we do perform better in a calm space like home when it comes to proper song writing.
  •  What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen on stage or on tour?

    Once, Elliott puked while playing a song, for about 2 minutes. Without missing a beat, may I add. 
    Just kidding… nothing of that nature ever happened. But who knows what the future holds. 
  •  What can BleachBANGS do to help you in any way? 

    This. This is of great help. Tag us when releasing the link to the interview on your social medias, play our songs on repeat, add them to your playlists, tell your friends, follow all our pages… All these go a long way and are free.
  •  How can everyone keep up with everything you have going on? Where can they get 

    Our linktree is
    Every time we have something new, we try to put it up there. 

With Mucho Love, Yours Truly. 

(Eddie, Fil and Elliott)

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