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* Introduce us to the band! What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Where do you call home?

Hey guys! Im Jokke Pettersson and I play guitar and sing. On drums we have Ulf Wahlgren, On bass we have Alfred Andersson. Born and raised in the south of Sweden.

  •  How long have you been together as a band and how did you find each other?

Well, Machine 85 is a brand new band. But the 3 of us have been playing together since we where kids. I met Ulf in school when we where 13. He had a slipknot t-shirt and I had a Metallica T-shirt. We started to skip classes and play together right away. The both of us met Alfred a little later at a music school. Since then the three of u have been playing and touring together in various constellations in the past. We are like brothers.

  •  Do you have a special songwriting recipe you follow?

For this band I only had one rule. If you like where the song is going, go there. None of that mindfuck stuff like – Oh is this to metal? Is it to much blues etc… Follow your heart, if I believe in a song, I keep on working on it no matter what.

  •  How would members of your family describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard it?

Intence haha… Lots of styles baked in too one maybe…

  •  What do you have on your(Spotify) playlists you would be embarrassed for others to see?

My own music haha. But you need to put it in a playlist to see if it holds up… Don’t think regular people understand that. They probably think its some kind of unhealthy self love haha

  •  Do you have any pre-show rituals?

We have a very very secret one. A beer and a laugh.

  •  Who have you met that has left you starstruck?

I met Robert Plant one time backstage at a show. But I didn’t speak to him. Of course. 

  •  What do you consider your greatest achievement as far as a band?

Starting this thing up! We are brand new so the future will tell!

  •  What key elements do you believe makes up a successful song?

Intro is key. You want the listener to get straight into the music. I hate long weird intros that many bands have these days. Makes me skip to the next song. 

* When writing, how do you know when it is finally done?

When I can have a good night sleep. 

* What song of yours are you most proud of?

I must say our latest single 20 days. I captures the band really good. And also the way my brain operates. The song was written 20 days before we where going into the studio in Nashville. It tells my story of how anxiety, depression and stress can be used into something good. Finding the power in in that makes you do shit. It can make you do nothing, but in my case makes me manic and creative. 

* Is it possible to be on the road and not eat junk food? How do you keep it leveled out?

Define junk food? I mainly eat burgers and drink beer. Is that junk? Maybe to the squares. If pizza makes you happy on the road, eat it. If a sugar free soy vanilla latte makes you happy, stay home. Haha  

* Are you able to write while on the road or do you need a calm familiar space like home?

I come up with a lot of ideas on the road. Or wherever I am, iPhone voice memo is the best! Lots of whistling riffs there haha

To finish up songs, I love to be in my studio where I can focus. 

* What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen on stage or on tour?

When the soundguy fucks up, no sound on the vocal mic for the first song or feedback issues on stage. 

* What can BleachBANGS do to help you in any way? 

Spread the word that our music is ot there. The Machines are coming.

How can everyone keep up with everything you have going on? Where can they get albums/merch?

You can find everything you need as a listener on

Hook us up on social media! 

*Please provide a short bio: 

In the crucible of sonic rebellion, emerged Machine 85 – a powerhouse of raw energy and unapologetic metal mayhem. Hailing from the woods in southern Sweden, this dynamic trio is forging their path with a sound that’s as relentless as it is electrifying. 

🔧 The Machinists: 

Jokke Pettersson- Lead Shredder and Singer 

Ulf Wahlgren – Thunder Commander
Alfred Andersson – Bass Architect 

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