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DiipSilence is a Chinese music and sound artist based in LA. With a master’s degree in math, she initially began her career in the music industry as a mixing engineer for music, film, and TV. Later on, her passion for music led her to pursue a career as a music producer and composer. Her versatile skills have been recognized by a variety of big-name companies, including Mercedes Benz, LPL, Lenovo, and Panasonic, etc. All of whom have licensed her works. DiipSilence collaborates with other artists from all around the world, her primary music styles are Electronic, Chillout, Downtempo and Glitch. Her music is known for its organic and fresh sound, which is created by her use of field recordings and sound effects recorded from different locations.

  1.  Introduce us to the band! What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Where do you call home?

Hello this is DiipSilence, I’m a Chinese solo music and sound artist based in LA. As a solo artist I compose, produce, sing, mix and master my tracks, and sometimes I draw my album cover. I call both China and LA my home.

  •  How long have you been together as a band and how did you find each other?  -n/a
  •  Do you have a special songwriting recipe you follow?

Yes, for me sound design always goes first. I begin by capturing a variety of sounds during field recording trips, like nature’s ambience, city traffic, urban rhythms, wildlife harmonies, and flowing rivers, etc. Back in the studio, I transform these recordings into unique instruments using software synth or hardware modular synths. These elements form a solid foundation for my music, starting with the most notable instrument(or unrecognizable) I’ve created, I gradually construct melodies and allow the music to naturally take shape.

  •  How would members of your family describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard it?

Visualized music. They usually say my music let them picture stuff or trigger their memories of some places, which is exactly what I want to say in my music.

  •  What do you have on your(Spotify) playlists you would be embarrassed for others to see?

Not really, why should I feel embarrassed haha! Keep it open and share!

  •  Do you have any pre-show rituals?

4-7 breathing rule, 4-sec inhale, hold breath for 7-sec, then exhale big!

Unfortunately nope.

  •  What do you consider your greatest achievement as far as a band?

A fan send me a message to tell me don’t give up making music, because I sent her the power throughout her hard time. 

  •  What key elements do you believe makes up a successful song?

Genuineness, imperfection, empathy.

* When writing, how do you know when it is finally done?

Usually there’s no end and I’ll just trying to fix the song like forever…But a sign to me that the song is finally done is “I’m bored to that song”.

* What song of yours are you most proud of?

The latest one: Big Hand. This song articulates a profound yearning for freedom and ease in everyday life, “Big Hand” is a metaphor of an invisible force which is hindering my spirit to chase freedom. The notion of metamorphosing into wild symbolizes a form of freedom that transcends conventional boundaries, liberating individuals from the limitations imposed by reality.

* Is it possible to be on the road and not eat junk food? How do you keep it leveled out?

No to me, under the pressure I think there’s no chance to not eat junk food at all. At least some cheat treats, right? But even for fast food there are still healthier stuff to eat, like a salad.

* Are you able to write while on the road or do you need a calm familiar space like home?

Capturing idea on the road is a big part of my writing procedure. While going out for field recording I constantly think how to manipulate the sounds later in the studio, sometimes the lyrics just popped out into my mind I’ll write them down into a small notebook. 

* What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen on stage or on tour?

Electricity outrage while performing at a club, very interesting experience.

* What can BleachBANGS do to help you in any way? 

Thanks for having me here, it’s already a help! 

* How can everyone keep up with everything you have going on? Where can they get albums/merch?

This link includes my latest releases and social links:

Every platform @DiipSilence

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